What’s New In Your Neighborhood?

Have you looked around your neighborhood lately?  I’m pretty sure the commercial streets have things like empty car dealerships and shuttered stores.  But how about the block or two where you live?

Times like now, when we’re all counting our pennies, are great for looking closer to home and really exploring our neighborhoods.  Local stuff is usually cheap and often free and you’d be surprised how much is right in front of our noses.  I’m unbelievably spoiled in Southern California – I can look out at mountains in the distance and am barely more than a mile from the ocean.  But ask me how often I go to either?  Yes, that’s right, not so much.  I rarely go to the beach just to relax, except maybe for July 4th fireworks.

But what I’m really talking about here is discovering something new right there in your own neighborhood, maybe just a couple of blocks over from your house.  Here’s something new I found recently in mine – Seaside Heroes Park.

I did a double-take the other day driving past and that tiny glimpse made me want to go and investigate.  So it turns out the park is dedicated to three young men from the area, all of whom gave their lives serving their country.  It’s a great little park, with neat lamp posts, doggy bag drop, drought friendly plants, a little grassy area, a play area for kids, with benches dotted along the way just to sit and contemplate.  It’s kinda hard to tell from the photos, but it’s simply and beautifully done and has a really nice feel to it.

We have a lot of gas and oil pipeline easement in this area, so perhaps this was one where the oil company said it was OK for this park to be built – wouldn’t that be nice?

Anyway, just one good reason for me to have new eyes when I’m next out and about in the neighborhood.  Let me know if you find something new and beautiful in yours.

P.S. I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month – 31 days of July, a blog a day if I can.

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  1. Great point, Gillian! Years ago I noticed a new home being built across the street from my home….at the point it was already up and totally enclosed. How oblivious I was…ugh!

    Now I try to be more observant, yet still struggle. Thanks for the reminder!!


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