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We shall not cease
from exploring, And the
end of our exploring will
be to arrive where we
started and know the
place for the first time.

~ T.S. Eliot ~

My blog is intended as a break-away, a breath of fresh air... My little oasis will be providing me just that. I already feel the power of what's been created in my own backyard, it has opened a door in me that I've been knocking on for a long time. Perhaps it will inspire you, but at least I hope you enjoy some of what I write there.  To go to my blog, click below.


But also,  these are some other really excellent blogs to check out:

Lifehacker – “Tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done”

Chris Brogan - with so many people out there blogging, how do you know who the really good ones are? Let me help.  I found Chris Brogan thru my AssistU visionary leader Anastacia Brice.  Both he... and she.. are phenomenal sources of valuable information.

IttyBiz - another terrific site with great info for starting and running your business (**warning - colorful language**).  Her humor is right up my alley, and she fearlessly speaks what so many of us merely think. Best of all, she makes me laugh out loud while I'm learning.


Plus, here is a link to Technorati's listing of the Top 100 blogs:

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