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Be soft in your practice.
Think of the method as a
fine silvery stream, not a
raging waterfall. Follow
the stream, have faith in its
course. It will go its own
way, meandering here,
trickling there. It will find
the grooves, the cracks,
the crevices. Just follow it.
Never let it out of your sight.
It will take you there.

~ Sheng Yen ~

My Services

I am an independent contractor. I own my business, pay my own taxes, work from my own office, use my own equipment, set my own hours, and bill you for my services.  We are equals.  We work together.  I do not work for you.

That said: here are some of the things I’d love to do for you right now:


  • Write correspondence
  •  Prepare, format, proofread and edit documents
  •  Prepare, format, proofread and edit ezines (HTML)
  •  Read, sort and respond to email
  •  Research
  •  Help you write articles for publication
  •  Submit articles for publication, electronically or otherwise
  •  Help prepare collateral marketing materials
  •  Help with product development
  •  Set up and monitor your Blogs
  •  Set up and monitor your social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Set up and maintain your 1ShoppingCart
  •  Handle your basic website changes and maintenance  (including WordPress)


Those are the things I find take up a lot of your time, but I know that even seemingly small tasks can become quite overwhelming, so I’m equally happy to:

  • Maintain your calendar, make appointments, set reminders
  • Book your commercial and private air travel
  • Prepare your travel itineraries
  • Create and maintain your database(s)
  • Set up and monitor on-line data storage
  • Assist in maintaining client relationships
  • Help you with gift ideas

This is just a sampling, so if there’s something specific you’re looking for, please ask.


I’ve had a combined 30 years of professional administrative support and personal management experience at top executive level, usually with no-one there to pass the baton to me.  So I’m a master at figuring things out.  At minimum I know a little about a ton of things, and you can rest assured that I have the wherewithal and the resources to quickly find out anything I donÊ»t have personal knowledge of.


You may still be scratching your head a bit, trying to figure out exactly how Virtual Assistance works.  What I will tell you is this: we really are bound only by our imaginations.


Barring a couple of things that may need to be physically handled at your location (like paper filing ~ sorry); today’s technology means everything else can be done remotely, via computer software and smartphone. For example, we can share workspace virtually to manage and keep track of projects and your calendar in real time.


So just try and think of me as being in the next room; and call/write/IM me whenever you have a need, or just to say hi! As long as we communicate consistently and openly, nothing can hold us back.


Click here to read more about how I assist clients.


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