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Be soft in your practice.
Think of the method as a
fine silvery stream, not a
raging waterfall. Follow
the stream, have faith in its
course. It will go its own
way, meandering here,
trickling there. It will find
the grooves, the cracks,
the crevices. Just follow it.
Never let it out of your sight.
It will take you there.

~ Sheng Yen ~



Because each VA has his or her own style of assisting clients, I thought

that you would be interested in knowing how I assist, what I expect

of my clients, and what my clients can expect of me.


My Clients Are Great!

I am fortunate enough to have the privilege of choosing with whom I want to work. I want to enjoy each and every one of my clients - it’s important to me.  They are growing, successful and happy and I am able to assist them by lifting the administrative burden while strengthening their business systems.  There is nothing more exciting to me that enabling my clients to regain the freedom to do what they do best, and seeing them respond with improved creativity, productivity, profitability and, best of all,  peace of mind.


Honest and Open Communication is Essential

In order for us to build a working partnership across a distance, it's imperative that we communicate well.  Staying in contact on a regular basis will make this relationship move forward more quickly than it would do otherwise.  Please think of me as in the next room, and call/email/IM me whenever you have a need, or just to say hi!  I'll be in touch frequently, too!


Your Partner on the Path to New Success

I want the best for you.  I really want you to have it all and I want to be right here when you get it. To make that happen, we have to see this as a long-term relationship, and invest time and energy into making it just want we both want and need it to be.  I need you to be willing to walk with me on the path that gets you there. That means we need to be partners, and you need to really trust me to have your best interests at heart. Trust can take time, I know.  As you see me work, and as I help you grow, it will happen. It's necessary in order for the relationship to keep moving forward and it will bring you new success.


We're Equals

Our relationship shatters the traditional boss/assistant paradigm. We are both professionals and business owners. We've chosen to work together for your success. Our relationship is based on equality - you pay me and I bring immense value to your work and life.  I also hope our relationship, like my other partnerships, becomes a friendship.


I Give Straight Advice

I want you to always be comfortable with me.  I will, however, always be proactive and tell you exactly what I know when I’m sure of a situation. In those cases, I’ll make specific suggestions on how to handle a challenge or get the most from an opportunity.  If I’m not sure, I’ll say so.  Regardless, I'll step up to the plate and tell you what I think….although you have the final decision about your work.


My Word is My Bond

Honesty and integrity are two things I hold above any others. I count on my clients to always be honest with me and with others.  I can't participate in anything illegal or that violates my values. If I have a problem with something you've asked of me, I'll tell you right away.


Lean on Me, but Don’t Become Too Dependent

I want you to avail yourself of all my services, resources, experience and expertise, but please don't become dependent on me.  As your VA, I have a great deal to offer and I put it all in your corner. Whenever you need something, my hope is that you think of me, and see what we can create together. Up until this point, you've done it all. I understand that you have decided to work with me, in part, because you just can't or don’t want to do it anymore, so I want you to be able to draw on my energy. Still, there may be times when I'm not immediately available, or I'm away from my office, so it's in your best interest to always be able to handle things yourself. I ask that my clients use me as the resource and friend that I am, but not to let themselves get into the position of needing me in a dependent way.


I Ask Questions… Sometimes Lots of Them!

If I had a different experience every second of every day of the rest of my life, I couldn't know everything.  I do know a lot, and I have many resources at my disposal to help me. As my partner, you need to be one of them, just as I'll be one for you.


I Accept Responsibility

I will always assume responsibility for the work I've been asked to do or oversee. This doesn't mean that I will automatically accept blame if things go awry. If something isn't my fault, I'll tell you so. I expect my clients to give me the benefit of the doubt, just as I would offer the same to them.  I also reserve the right to be human and make mistakes from time to time, and I offer you the same opportunity.


I Have a High Standard of Excellence

I might even be more particular than you are.  Chances are, however, we won't agree on everything.  I may have a different way of doing things than you do - remember, one of the reasons you've chosen to work with me is that I have unique experiences and skills, and that I know a thing or two about a thing or two!! Please don't insist that we do things your way until you've heard any suggestions I might have.  I'm well trained and have a great track record of helping clients grow their businesses more quickly and easily.  I might bring something to the table that you've not considered, and my hope is that you'd take the time to give the suggestion the consideration it deserves.  In the end, if you want something done a certain way, I'll do my best to make it happen.


I’m Here and I Care

As your partner, I genuinely care about you and I want to be here for you to help with professional *and* personal matters.  If there's something going on in your life that impacts you, if there's something you want to share with me, call me.  I'll do my best to help you, encourage you, and be a resource or sounding board or a cheerleader, whichever you need. 



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