A Merry Last Day of May

After a busy but rather fun day this last day of May 2012, thought I’d share a few images from my backyard, taken while the last remnants of the day’s sun were still hanging around.

Let’s start with the crazy back wall, bursting with blooms that have crested the top – plumbago, sweet pea, nasturtiums, and the fig tree in full leaf, ready for fruit.  This picture doesn’t capture the half of it, but the nasturtiums this year are especially vigorous – grown from one seed packet brought over from Spain for me several years ago!
And some other pretty colors all around…

And now Bluebell’s find – she was spending a LOT of time looking into one of the discarded containers behind the garage, so much so that I finally went to investigate. Lo and behold, a critter was hiding – waiting til dark to slink away.

Ending with Miss Lucy, who just wants to play 🙂

… and onwards to June and Italy and Summer already!


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