Update for heaven’s sake!

Holy smokes! Way too much time since posting, but that just tells you I’ve been busy and, happy to say, getting still busier.

Needless to say, with the ever-expanding ways to keep in touch, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and all the rest I don’t even know, at least my nearest and dearest stay close to my heart…love you guys!! I will endeavor to start writing more again, but in the meantime, continue to watch for my (mostly) critter-pix on the aforementioned platforms.

The circle of life is ever turning, but my current menagerie is thriving, ranging in age from almost 13 years (Bluebell) down to 6 weeks (Dot and Olive – two baby guinea pigs with their Mom). Not going to tell you the total number though!

I have two final exams left to take on my Veterinary Technician course which I need to do in the next two months, then all the classes are complete…finally!!. Have been on the Dean’s List each semester, so that feels good, but I definitely won’t be attempting to make a living at it, for several reasons. Firstly, I just love being my own boss, working with a select handful of seriously awesome clients, but secondly, really, the pay for a Vet Tech is horrendously low for what is expected of you, and what is expected of you is quite physically demanding.  I was doing the occasional paid housecall in town with a mobile vet for a while which was fun, but I don’t even have the time for that anymore.  For me it is far more rewarding to do this work for free, which I continue to do, happily, one day a week at the local shelter spay/neuter clinic.

So it is all good with me, thank you for asking, and hope it is with you too.

P.S. Did I say how much I love being my own boss? Yes!