March rainbowHello.  I am still here.  My menagerie waxes and wanes, governed by the inevitable circle of life.  Currently all rabbits and, after 18 plus years Oliver the box turtle, have crossed the rainbow bridge, but in their place we have taken in Chuck Norris, Big Ginger, Cotton and Tilda, and still have the amazing little Fig(aro) who rounds out the guinea pig herd.  For felines we have the spectacular Mayday and now his still bratty young sidekick, Mingo.  The canines are the old ladies, Daisy and Bluebell, joined by the inimitable Lucy, who continues to prove herself a fantastic save.

Of course, I have seen and done much since the last posting, but importantly did want to share that my waylaid but never forgotten desire to study veterinary medicine has now become a reality and I am half-way thru a Veterinary Technology course.  It’s by no means easy, but it feels awesome!

This goes along with a photo of a recent and relatively rare local rainbow (nowhere near the aforementioned rainbow bridge), and is intended as encouragement to all to hold on to the things in life you want to do, keep them alive in a safe place inside.  One day will be the right day to start doing them.


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