Cloudy with a chance of full English Breakfast

This was taken on Saturday, November 10 – a thick and lovely layer of low, fluffy, pink, just like cotton candy randomly tossing out big drops of rain.

It reminded me of my summer vacation this year – the England part of it at least. Riding the train from Newcastle to Plymouth or vice versa, basically the length of the country, is a favorite part of any trip back home for me, and the clouds this year were incredible.  So I took some photos, mostly not that great, but I’m sharing them here anyway just to give you a sense of the English countryside I passed thru – and if you’re paying attention, you might catch a full English breakfast thrown in.


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  1. Yeeep – mostly still raining and cloudy over here, oh and windy today too – Pooh’s typical blustery day I reckon. Have already got my winter tyres on in anticipation of the ice and snow to come! Wish you were here still (actually, strike that, wishing I was over there). Love you, Judith xxxxx

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