Swimming in the Information Current

Boy, sometimes it’s like the main shipping channel out there.  Lots and lots of information and so easy to get caught in the current.   And that current will take you far and deep and can pull your day under before you know it. I have (for the most part) learned that lesson.  Now when I get in the current, I face forward, keep my head up and stay alert (focused).  As soon as I start to feel I’m drowning or about to be caught in a strong undertow of things I really don’t need to know right this second, I scoot on over to the side and catch my breath in the swirl of an eddy…  Sometimes I get back in, but mostly I head for dry land and get on with my day.

Let me know if I can help you with a life raft ever.

In the meantime, swim well.



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  2. That’s V(ery)E(xcellent)G(ood) to the uninitiated by the way.

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