Flight to Freedom

The Chi Yin and Yang

Just to conclude the Gracie and Beanz tale, which I probably need to write out in full one day, cos it’s a heart-warmer.  These two were my fosters from the first week of December to March – we had sickness, extreme fear, anxiety, birth, and in the end new-found self esteem and happiness.  It was quite a ride and so a good outcome was felt very deeply here.

On March 3, I drove them up to Signature Flight Support at Van Nuys Airport and put them on the Wings of Rescue flight up to Oregon.  Beanz was fostered and then immediately adopted by her foster parents, Gracie went to a foster, was instrumental in bringing another tiny, fearful Chi out of her shell, and so she too was adopted by her foster mom.

These kinds of outcomes are why I foster, why anyone fosters I imagine.  And guess what, there are never enough fosters.  Maybe it’s something you want to consider?  If you do, and have questions, I’m here. 🙂

Anyways, here’s the tiny plane.  There were four or five vehicles with at least two dogs each.  We helped the pilot load in as many crates as we could, then he climbed in and took his seat in the cockpit.  We fitted in the last couple of crates and shut him in.  And that was it, he taxied away to take flight on a clear, blue-skied California Saturday morning.

Last week I took in two new girls – Dorothy and Alice (pretty cute, not cuddling yet but tolerating each other at least).  This a short term foster as I’m about to go on a little adventure… but hey they’re available and if YOU know anyone who might make a good home for either or both, PLEASE let me know.  Here they are:


Looking for a forever home... can you help?

Extremely huggable little girl, needing a forever home... know of one?











So there we are, one Chi chapter concluded, another begun.



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