The New and Improved Oasis

Much water has passed under the bridge since the last post.  A LOT of busy stuff, mostly good, some not so much, but always there’s flow – new people, new challenges, new foster dogs, visits from loved ones, trips taken and for the future to look forward to.

Though all the stuff, thanks to my friends, family and colleagues – Joyce, Clare and Joao – we have a new and improved Oasis.  Joyce spent many hours out of the goodness of her heart and more than a pint or two of sweat giving the whole yard a spruce up, including the brilliant idea of hibiscus in the Oasis for exotic color (already budding), which will be beautiful and block our icky east side neighbor too :(.  Oasis.2011

She’s also a sprinkler pro and we now have a new sprinkler head smack dab in the middle of the oasis, so the grass is finally green and lush.

And to cover the sprinkler head, Clare and I created the lovely zen circle, which matches the two entry threshholds.


And just this week the multi-talented Joao re-built my Oasis gates in a better, sturdier and beautiful way.OasisRearGate.Oct2011



Thanks to all and if I had ever gotten around to sending you pix of the original, you’d have a better idea of what’s changed!  Sigh!

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  1. It looks beautiful and peaceful. Thanks for sharing.

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