The Bright and Shiny Things

Here we are, a brand new year.  Births and deaths for my family already, the circle of life, it’s all continuing of course.  But things seem a little brighter, don’t they?  Just a little?

This might help your view.  Try and focus on the small things in your everyday life that make you smile.  I consider myself a pretty good big picture person, but let me tell you, sometimes it’s a burden that needs easing.  I am surrounded by things I love to look at, so I can escape – just for a second or two – when I most need it. The small things, bright with innocence, shiny with simplicity, the beautiful things in your everyday life…there for you to wonder at if you just stop and look.

Yesterday at the animal shelter, there was a pair of peacocks!  When I got there around 2pm they were in the livestock enclosure at the back, doing their thing.  As the afternoon wore on and the dusk drew in, Madam Peahen made a move and jumped/flew over the low enclosure fence, then up on top of the separate chicken cage and up once more onto the tightrope of the boundary fence.  Mister Peacock waited until she’d done her recce, and then joined her.  I ran around and let some folks know and wise Lamar said let them be, if you spook them they’ll fly and they seem like they’re gonna stay.  He was right of course.

This was not a flight to freedom, this was finding a safe place to roost for the night.  Hope they had a good night and came down safely for breakfast!

This isn’t her, but she looked just like this.
And he, of course, had a tail full of these!








Be still and know,

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  1. I like your peahencock story !
    Very refreshing !

  2. Beautiful!

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